Lowell Distracted Driving Attorney

Distracted driving is one of Lowell’s biggest safety threats. In 2018 alone, 2,841 people died in accidents involving distracted drivers throughout the US. Distracted driving is a major problem due to the number of drivers who fail to pay attention to the road. If you believe the driver who crashed into you in Lowell was distracted, do not hesitate to contact Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers for advice. We can discuss your right to compensation during a free initial consultation with our Lowell distracted driving accident lawyer.

How Can a Lowell Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Help You?

Contacting a Lowell personal injury lawyer after a distracted driving accident could give you the information you need to begin an injury claim. Whether this is your first car accident in Lowell or not, you could benefit from the insights a lawyer has to give. A lawyer will handle confusing legal processes for you while you focus on your medical care.

A lawyer can also take over car insurance claim negotiations to make sure you do not settle for less than your injuries require. This is especially critical if the distracted driving accident left you or a loved one with serious personal injuries that will require lifelong treatment and care. The results an attorney may be able to obtain for you could change your life.

Common Causes of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving refers to anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the essential task of driving. Paying attention means the driver’s eyes are on the road, hands are on the wheel and mind is on driving safely. Thousands of drivers in Lowell give in to the urge to pay attention to something other than driving safely, such as a cellphone or fast food. This can lead to preventable motor vehicle collisions and motorcycle accidents in Lowell.

  • Texting
  • Phone calls
  • Emails or messages
  • Taking pictures or videos
  • Daydreaming or thinking
  • Reading a map/GPS
  • Changing the radio station
  • Eating or drinking
  • Personal grooming
  • Chatting with passengers
  • Rubbernecking

At Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers, our Lowell car accident attorneys have experience helping clients with all types of distracted driving accidents. We can review your case for signs of driver distractions, such as food wrappers in the front seat or cellphone records proving that the driver was texting right before the accident. Then, we can use this as evidence to support your injury claim in Lowell.

Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is unique in that it uses a no-fault insurance law. Under this law, it will not necessarily matter if the other driver was guilty of distracted driving. Unless you have serious injuries, the Commonwealth’s insurance system mandates that you file a first-party claim with your own insurance company, regardless of fault. You will not need to prove the other driver’s negligence to receive benefits from your own insurance provider, in most cases.

If a distracted driving accident gave you a serious injury, however, such as a broken bone, back injury or brain injury, you will need to determine and prove the other driver’s fault to recover fair compensation. Your attorney can help you bring a third-party insurance claim against the distracted driver. A lawyer from our law firm can strengthen your claim to damages using proven and aggressive legal tactics. We will not allow the distracted driver’s insurance company to take advantage of you.

Speak with a Lowell Distracted Driving Attorney Today

Distracted driving is deadly. If you have reason to believe that the other driver in your car accident was distracted when he or she struck you, you may have grounds for a liability claim against that driver. Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers can investigate your crash and let you know if we believe you have a case. If so, we may offer to represent you during an insurance settlement or injury lawsuit. Request a free consultation in Lowell today. Contact us online or call our local firm directly for more information.