Lowell Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents occur more often than most passengers realize. Traffic collision reports in Lowell contain bus accidents each year. Bus accidents can cause serious injuries, including brain injuries, spine injuries, broken bones, lacerations and burns. Whether you were a passenger on a bus or another driver or pedestrian hit by a bus, Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers can help you understand your legal rights. Contact our Lowell bus accident lawyer to book a free consultation.

What Can a Lowell Bus Accident Lawyer Do for You?

A lawyer can take care of every aspect of your bus accident case, both legal and personal. The Lowell personal injury lawyer will connect you to doctors and specialists so you can receive the medical attention you need. Meanwhile, your lawyer will handle complicated legal processes, such as filing your claim against a bus company in pursuit of compensation. Your lawyer can investigate the crash, obtain evidence of your catastrophic injuries, demand fair compensation from the correct party and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Hiring a bus accident lawyer can give you confidence in the legal process and the ability to look toward the future after a serious bus accident.

Common Types of Bus Accidents in Lowell

Operators have a legal responsibility to drive safely. They must pay attention to the road, avoid distractions, follow traffic laws, and look out for the best interests of those inside and outside of the bus. Any failure, breach of duty or act of negligence while driving a bus could lead to a horrific accident. At Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers, it is our mission to help victims of all types of bus accidents.

Bus accidents in Lowell can occur on a bus in the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) system, a Road Runner, Greyhound, Peter Pan, party bus, charter bus, church bus or school bus. After any type of bus accident in Lowell, reach out to Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers for legal advice. The bus company, a part manufacturer or another party may owe you compensation.

How to File a Claim After a Bus Accident in Lowell

If you wish to pursue damages after a bus accident in Lowell, contact an attorney right away for help. An accident involving the driver of a private bus will generally lead to a claim against the company. A Greyhound bus collision, for instance, could mean Greyhound has to pay for victims’ damages. The same is true if your child suffered an injury on a private school bus. The private school itself could be liable for damages. If your accident happened on an LRTA bus, another public bus or a public school bus, however, you will have a government tort claim.

If you have injuries from an accident on a public bus, the claims process will be slightly different. Rather than bringing a claim against the insurance company of the private bus service, you will bring the claim against a government entity. Claims against the government in Massachusetts have unique rules. The most important is the shorter statute of limitations. Rather than having three years from the date of your accident, you must file within two years. Work with an attorney for assistance bringing a claim against the government after a public bus accident in Lowell.

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If you were injured in a bus accident, contact the local bus accident attorneys at Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers for a free legal consultation. The law may entitle you to many benefits, including the payment of all medical care, past and future pain and suffering, and lost wages. Call today to schedule your case review in Lowell.