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Wrongful death is a tragedy that no family should have to endure. When someone else’s negligence results in the loss of a loved one, you have rights. Preserve and defend them with help from the Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers. Our Merrimack Valley wrongful death lawyers can represent your family during a civil claim. We are passionate about helping families through these terrible losses using our knowledge of the civil justice system. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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  • Our wrongful death attorneys stop at nothing to ensure justice. Our litigators can go to trial in the Merrimack Valley, if necessary.
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What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death has a slightly different definition depending on the state where you live.

In Massachusetts, wrongful death occurs when a person who by his negligence causes the death of a person, or (2) by willful, wanton or reckless act causes the death of a person under such circumstances that the deceased could have recovered damages for personal injuries if his death had not resulted.

Wrongful Death Rules in Massachusetts

Once you ascertain whether you have the right to pursue damages through a wrongful death claim, the next step is to understand the rules you will need to follow for a valid case. These rules also vary from state to state. As a claimant in Merrimack Valley,  you will have no more than six years from the date of your deceased loved one’s death to file a claim under state law.  In Massachusetts, you have three years from the date of the death or three years from the day you knew that you may have had grounds for a claim.  You should not wait, however, as prompt legal action can help you preserve important evidence for your case.

Another important rule to know is the limit on who may file a wrongful death claim State law gives this right to any person with an interest in the decedent’s estate. In other words, anyone with a vested interest in the deceased person’s estate, such as surviving beneficiaries who relied on the decedent for financial support, can file a wrongful death claim. The person who files the claim will do so on behalf of all surviving family members as well as the deceased person’s estate.

In Massachusetts, the executor or administrator of the decedent’s estate will file the wrongful death claim.

Compensation Available for Wrongful Death

Although personal injury and wrongful death claims share many similarities, the compensation available differs slightly between the two. While a typical personal injury claim seeks compensation for an injured victim’s direct losses, a wrongful death claim can seek these as well as losses suffered by surviving family members. If you lost a loved one in the Merrimack Valley, you may be eligible for compensation for the pain and suffering the deceased person endured before death, the medical bills your family incurred, funeral and burial expenses, lost earnings, and loss of your loved one’s support and services. Discuss the value of your case during a free evaluation at Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers for more information.

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