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If you recently lost a loved one, finding an attorney may be the last thing on your mind. You need time to grieve and try to make sense of what happened. If you suspect that someone else’s negligence caused your loved one’s death, however, it is important to consider bringing a civil claim. Wrongful death is something no family deserves. At Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers, we advocate on behalf of families after fatal accidents in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Please contact our Lawrence wrongful death lawyer if you lost someone close to you in a tragic accident.

How a Lawrence Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You

The right wrongful death attorney can make a complicated legal process much easier on you and your family during this difficult time. Your lawyer will guide you through claims processes, from identifying the defendant to successfully settling your claim. Your Lawrence lawyer will do everything it takes to achieve justice for your loved one’s death. You can focus on mourning your loved one and spending time with family while a lawyer handles your case.

What You Need to Know About Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Massachusetts

One of the main reasons to hire a wrongful death lawyer is for assistance working through Massachusetts’ related laws. Bringing a successful wrongful death case requires at least a basic understanding of the laws in your state.

  • Definition of wrongful death. In Massachusetts, the law defines wrongful death as a fatal injury caused by someone else’s negligence, wanton or reckless act, or breach of warranty.
  • Who may file. The executor or administrator of the deceased person’s estate must file a wrongful death claim in Massachusetts. Instructions in the decedent’s will may name this person, or else the courts will appoint one.
  • Deadline for filing. According to the statute of limitations, your family has no more than three years from the date of your loved one’s death to file a wrongful death claim.

Do not wait to seek legal help if you believe your loved one died due to somebody else’s preventable mistake. The sooner you seek legal action, the sooner you can receive answers, closure and financial compensation.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Massachusetts

At Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers, we have represented families in wrongful death claims throughout Massachusetts for many years. We understand the most common causes of fatal injuries in Lawrence and throughout the Commonwealth. Our Lawrence injury attorneys can help you after the wrongful death of your loved one under many different circumstances.

  • Motor-vehicle, truck and bus accident
  • Construction or work accident
  • Slip, trip and fall accident
  • Swimming pool accident
  • Dangerous premises
  • Defective product
  • School or daycare accidents
  • Medical mistake
  • Criminal activity

If you do not see the cause of your loved one’s death on this list, contact us for an in-depth consultation with one of our attorneys. This is not a comprehensive list of our law firm’s practice areas. Our Lawrence wrongful death attorneys offer free initial consultations so you can get answers to your questions at no financial risk.

Damages Available for Wrongful Death in Lawrence

Damages in a wrongful death case in Massachusetts refer to the financial compensation your family could receive from the negligent party. While we know that no amount of money will be enough to replace the life of your loved one, we also know that a monetary award can give your family important financial relief during this tough time. A successful wrongful death case with assistance from a wrongful death attorney could repay your family for your loved one’s final medical bills, funeral and burial costs, lost earnings, and loss of consortium. Punitive damages may also be available if a judge finds the defendant guilty of gross negligence, maliciousness, willful acts or reckless conduct.

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Wrongful death is one of the worst things a family can experience. If your family recently lost a loved one in an unexpected accident, contact the Lawrence wrongful death attorneys at Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers. We offer free initial consultations over the phone or at our local law office. Call us directly or contact us online 24/7 to request your meeting.