Lawrence Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether you are a green or seasoned motorcyclist, you could get into an accident in Lawrence. Distracted, drunk and negligent drivers take to the roads in Massachusetts daily, threatening the safety of motorcyclists. If another driver crashed into you, contact Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers to discuss a personal injury claim. Initial consultations with our Lawrence motorcycle accident attorneys are free and nonobligatory.

Why Hire a Lawrence Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

We know money is not everything for a victim with life-changing injuries. However, we also know how instrumental an award can be for someone facing lifelong medical expenses and treatments from a motorcycle accident. Hiring a Lawrence personal injury lawyer can help you ensure you receive enough money to cover both past and future expenses.

In addition to pursuing maximum compensation, a Lawrence motorcycle accident attorney can inform you of your rights and help you achieve peace of mind during this difficult time. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will prevent you from going through the legal process alone. This can be especially important if you have severe injuries or are grieving the wrongful death of someone you loved.

What Causes Most Motorcycle Accidents in Lawrence, MA?

At Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers, we work closely with investigators, a crash reconstructionist and experts to piece together how accidents occur. When we accept a new client, one of the first things we do for him or her is to get to the bottom of who or what caused the accident. In the case of a motorcycle accident, we can return to the scene of the crash, look at photographs, talk to eyewitnesses, review police reports and take other measures to learn the cause of the accident.

  • Driving distracted
  • Drowsy driving
  • Texting or talking while driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Car accidents
  • Ignoring rights-of-way
  • Pedestrians ignoring crossing signals
  • Tailgating a motorcyclist
  • Unsafe passing
  • Truck accidents
  • Illegal left-hand turn
  • Roadway defects, such as potholes
  • Bad weather
  • Defective motorcycle parts

Once we understand what caused your motorcycle accident, we can help you bring a strong claim to damages against that party according to Massachusetts’ related rules and laws. Our Lawrence motorcycle accident attorneys have experience going up against all types of defendants in the Commonwealth, as well as powerful insurance companies and other adversaries. We will use aggressive negotiation strategies to argue for maximum relief.

Motorcycle Accident Law in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a no-fault state. This means that after an auto accident, injured victims will file claims to benefits with their own insurance providers, regardless of fault. In fault states, on the other hand, the person or party at fault for the accident will pay for damages. If your motorcycle accident in Lawrence did not give you serious or debilitating injuries that cost at least $2,000 in medical expenses, you will file a claim with your own insurance company. If the crash gave you an injury such as a broken bone or traumatic brain injury, you will file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer instead.

You may need a motorcycle accident attorney’s assistance for either type of injury claim. All insurance companies share the same goal: to increase their profits by convincing claimants to settle for less than their claims are worth. Navigating Massachusetts’ motorcycle accident laws will take more than just knowing which type of claim to pursue. You will also need to negotiate a fair compensatory award from the auto insurance company. A Lawrence motorcycle accident lawyer can work with you during every stage of your case, guiding you through the claims process and explaining related laws to you along the way.

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You do not have to undergo the insurance claims process alone as the injured victim of a motorcycle accident. The Lawrence motorcycle accident attorneys at Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers have years of experience we can put to use for you. Ask how we can help with your particular case during a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Contact us online or call us directly to schedule yours.