Nashua Pedestrian Accident Attorney  

The pedestrian accident is one of the most dangerous types of collisions. When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian can suffer life-changing personal injuries. Please contact Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers if you or a loved one has injuries from a pedestrian accident in Nashua, New Hampshire. Our local personal injury lawyers can help you defend your rights during an insurance claim or civil lawsuit.

Why Contact a Lawyer?

This is most likely your first serious injury from a pedestrian accident. An attorney, on the other hand, will have years of experience handling pedestrian accident cases in the area. This will give your lawyer in-depth knowledge about the legal processes associated with your case. Your lawyer will be able to break down the state laws related to your case, as well as navigate the claims process for you while you focus on healing. Furthermore, hiring a lawyer will help you demand the amount of compensation you need to move forward rather than accepting less than your serious injuries require.

Pedestrian Rules of the Road

The best way to prevent pedestrian accidents is for all roadway users to recognize pedestrian rights-of-way in New Hampshire. Each municipality in New Hampshire has the right to enact its own specific pedestrian rules. Learn how things work in your city for optimal safety while walking or jogging.

  • At a crosswalk. At crosswalks in Nashua, pedestrians will bear the right-of-way, in most cases. A driver must yield to a pedestrian crossing within a crosswalk on the driver’s side of the road. A pedestrian cannot, however, step off the curb when a vehicle is approaching closely enough to present a danger.
  • At a marked intersection. When a pedestrian is trying to cross the street in a place with a traffic control signal, the pedestrian must obey the walk sign. The pedestrian cannot cross the road until he or she receives the Walk signal.
  • At an unmarked intersection. At an intersection that does not have a traffic control device or crosswalk, the pedestrian will automatically bear the right-of-way. An oncoming vehicle must stop at the intersection and wait for the pedestrian to cross.

The comparative fault defense is a common tactic used in pedestrian accident claims. This defense states that the pedestrian contributed to the collision by failing to pay attention or entering the road without the right-of-way. If you were jaywalking, for example, the defendant may use this against you. In New Hampshire, comparative negligence will not bar you from recovery. However, it could reduce your award by your percentage of fault.

Compensation Available

The compensation you could receive as an injured pedestrian will depend on the specifics of your case. The courts award compensation based on the damages suffered by the plaintiff. Your lawyer will help you calculate a fair amount to demand based on a comprehensive overview of your injuries and losses. You may be able to seek compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, emotional suffering, legal fees, and other losses. Discuss the value of your case with a lawyer for free before accepting an insurance settlement.

Contact a Nashua Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

It is normal to feel overwhelmed as the victim of a serious pedestrian accident in Nashua. You may be dealing with life-altering personal injuries, as well as expensive medical bills and lost wages. One of the best things you can do after a pedestrian collision is to hire a lawyer who can help you recover from your accident.

A lawyer can give you legal advice, address your concerns, and answer your questions during this difficult time. A lawyer can also make sure you receive fair compensation for injuries that may impact you for life. Do not settle for less than you need to finally move forward from a pedestrian accident in Nashua. Contact Merrimack Valley Injury Lawyers today for a free legal consultation about your rights.