Category: Personal Injury

Who Is Liable in a Pedestrian Accident?

Personal Injury | April 25, 2022

Pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts send hundreds of victims to hospitals and emergency rooms each year. According to statewide crash statistics, Massachusetts averages about 70 pedestrian deaths annually from traffic accidents. Determining who is liable, or legally responsible, for a pedestrian accident in Massachusetts can provide justice, closure and accountability to the victim, along with financial…

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Who Has the Right-of-Way Between a Bicycle and a Car?

Car Accident,Personal Injury | April 15, 2022

Right-of-way laws are confusing and change from state to state. When it comes to determining who has the right-of-way between a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the answer depends on the scenario. While many people mistakenly assume that the more vulnerable road user – the cyclist – would automatically have the right-of-way, this is not…

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